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Huey — CSL Restrand

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Huey, a one and a half year old CSL, was brought in from Humboldt county last week. He was underweight and had restranded. All NOAA Stranding Network pinnipeds who are released receive a small “rototag” in one flipper. Like an earlobe, this placement does not injure an animal, but allow animal “rehab” volunteers like us at the Northcoast Marine Mammal Center to recognize an animal who hasn’t fully adjusted to their native habitat. Huey’s tag indicates that he swam all the way from San Diego, California where he was released as a pup a year ago in hopes he would join a rookery in Baja California.

See pictures of Huey below.

Huey, Hank & Chilly -- 17 Feb 15Huey at ramp -- 17 Feb 15Huey -- 17 Feb 15