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Hello Everybody!!

As you may have heard, we have our first pup of the season. Her name is “Pebbles”, she is about 3 days old and was found at the mouth of the Smith. So feeds have been bumped up to 5x/day. She will be started on HSF this afternoon; has some minor punctures to her rear flippers.

“Rangerette” has been moved to pen #3 during the day and condo #2 at night. She is now eating fish on her own. Since we don’t want to regress, we need to put fish in turtle pool and walk away. She does have heating pads in both pen and condo to help keep her warm with this spring wind. We would like to continue treating her wounds with betadyne flushes and warm compresses if necessary to get clean out any pus/chunks from the wound on her L cheek and L dorsal pelvis.

“Whiskers” is also doing very well and also eating fish on his own. The wounds on his chest are healing very well. He will continue on his feed until he has gained enough weight to be released.

“Coolio” is still growing very well and the decision of transfer to Pittsburgh Zoo still lies in the hands of the Zoo’s Board of Directors as well as NMFS. He will continue on 10#/day feed until we get further word from either of them.