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Northern Elephant Seal beaches near Samoa

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Thanks to BM1 Jaime and the USCG men and women stationed at Humboldt Station for reporting a potentially stranded adult Northern Elephant Seal on the Samoa Spit this morning. See the attached photos to see this rare individual on our local beach!

It is rare to see a Northern Elephant Seal in this part of Northern California because there are so few rookeries and the adults usually travel only to the site where they were born to molt. Volunteer staff have theorized that perhaps this seal was blown off course from their pathway to their normal molting grounds by the recent storms or perhaps this animal was born locally. One thing is for sure, if this Northern Elephant Seal is molting it will be on the beach for a long stretch of time.

Please do not disturb this gentle giant. Remember it is a Federal offense to disturb a pinnped on the shore, that includes making noises that disturb them, coming closer than 500 feet, and/or letting dogs or kids under your supervision approach the animals. 20150217_09410720150217_09412220150217_09400920150217_094035