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Gregorie aka “Gigi”

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Animal Name: Gregorie aka “Gigi”
Admit Date: 07/13/13
Admit Weight: 14 lbs
Current Weight: 23 lbs
Released Date: TBD
Progress Notes: 
Gigi  is a Pacific Harbor Seal Pup who was rescued from South Beach in Crescent City. Her location was far above the high tide line, near shrubbery, a day after heavy, chaotic surf and a storm! She had been with her Mom for about a week and a half and Mom had already taught her to eat fish. (Mother Harbor Seals have a strong bond with their pups and Gigi learned from hers.) She was found with small, clean abrasions around her upper tail and one small abrasion to her right temple. She was treated successfully with antibiotics and her wounds have since healed perfectly. Gigi is now eating whole fish: Her current record is a half pound of fish in 12 seconds flat

Gregorie aka Gigi