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Compound Maintenance Starts!

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With the rain letting up the last few days we have started into doing serious compound maintenance. After a couple days of the sun drying out weeks of rain it was finally time to start preparing and patching the compounds concrete structures. Last years Northern Elephant Seal Weaner stranding event, in which 29 NESW’s were residents at the NMMC, really broke up the compound! Literally. The mass of these big seals cracked many cement blocks, cracked pads, and weakened pens.

Happily for the NMMC and the seals the National Fish and Wildlife Federation (NFWF) in conjunction with the National Oceanic and Atomospheric Administration (NOAA) Stranding Network and the John H. Prescott Marine Mammal Rescue Administrative Grant program is allowing us the funding to buy all the cement, caulking, and supplies we need. Our gracious thanks to NFWF and the Prescott Marine Mammal program for their support!!

See below for pictures of the compound we’re working on:

Compound -- Before WalkwayNMMC Compound Before -- Fence DamageNMMC Compound -- Broken PostsNMMC Compound -- Pen Damage