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Bell and Oso: Our Northern Fur Seals

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Animal Names: Bell and Oso (aka “Clock”)
Admit Date: Late Spring 2013
Admit Weight: Approximately 15 and 20 lbs
Current Weight: Bell 29.5 and Oso 39
Released Date: TBD
Progress Notes: 
Bell and Oso came to us through a series of Marine Mammal Center transfers. During the unprecedented herring die-off on the South and Central California coasts they were rescued. Bell has never developed her secondary layer of external fur. Consequently, reintroduction into the wild would result in her demise, but she has a larger future in store for her. The New England Aquarium (Find them at: www.neaq.org ) will be adopting her in the near future. Oso is extremely vocal. His goat-like calls regularly alerting staff and visiting members of the public to the presence of a seagull, raven, or other event in he and Bells pen. They love to swim and groom themselves in their pools. The NMMC anticipates releasing Oso concurrently with Bells transfer to New England (thanks to FedEx and their expert handling capabilities!).

Bell and Oso photo