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Whiskers — Sea Lion

Whiskers is about 150# and was rescued also on March 9th from the Chart Room. He is likely to have Leptospirosis, so he will continue to stay in quarantine until further notice. Last blood draw was on 03.26.2014 and still showed signs of elevated kidney and liver enzymes. He is starting Doxycycline treatment and will have labs repeated in 2 weeks to determine whether he has kicked the lepto or not...
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Rangerette — Sea Lion

Rangerette is a little 30 pounder who was rescued from Trinidad with multiple dog bite abscesses. She has been treated with laser therapy and had a drain placed to facilitate healing. She is currently on antibiotics. She is still underweight, yet eating well; we are going to continue feeding her about 20% of her BW to get a good blubber layer on her to protect her from the elements. Because she is...
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Bell and Oso: Our Northern Fur Seals

Animal Names: Bell and Oso (aka “Clock”) Admit Date: Late Spring 2013 Admit Weight: Approximately 15 and 20 lbs Current Weight: Bell 29.5 and Oso 39 Released Date: TBD Progress Notes: Bell and Oso came to us through a series of Marine Mammal Center transfers. During the unprecedented herring die-off on the South and Central California coasts they were rescued. Bell has never developed her sec...
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Gregorie aka “Gigi”

Animal Name: Gregorie aka “Gigi” Admit Date: 07/13/13 Admit Weight: 14 lbs Current Weight: 23 lbs Released Date: TBD Progress Notes: Gigi  is a Pacific Harbor Seal Pup who was rescued from South Beach in Crescent City. Her location was far above the high tide line, near shrubbery, a day after heavy, chaotic surf and a storm! She had been with her Mom for about a week and a half and Mom had al...
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Animal Name: Scoobie Admit Date: 07/30/12 Admit Weight: 32 lbs Current Weight: Released Date: Progress Notes: Scoobie is a Pacific harbor seal pup who was rescued from Pebble Beach in Crescent City, near the Oceanfront Lodge.  She was found with apparent infected wounds, and was underweight.  Since she has all of her teeth, we have been working to assist feed her small fish instead of tube-...
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Animal Name: America Admit Date: 07/03/12 Admit Weight: 94 lbs Current Weight: Released Date: Progress Notes: America is a weaned elephant seal who was rescued from Enderts Beach in Crescent City. He came in underweight, and has a large wound on his front left flipper which could have possibly been from a boat propeller. Since coming in the wound has been cleaned and stitched up, and Americ...
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Animal Name: Q Admit Date: 6/09/12 Admit Weight: 65 lbs Current Weight: Released Date: Progress Notes:  Q is a California sea lion who was rescued from Bay Street Beach in Samoa. He was brought in because he was lethargic, had trouble with his hind flipper movement, and also had a large abscess on his back.            
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Animal Name: Ollie Admit Date: 6/05/12 Admit Weight: 17 lbs Current Weight: Released Date: Progress Notes: Ollie is a Pacific Harbor seal pup who was rescued from Indian Beach in Trinidad.  She was brought in with puncture wounds to both of her rear flippers, as well as her right front flipper, most likely caused by a dog attack.  After arriving at the Center, we x-rayed her back flippers a...
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Animal Name: Skipper Admit Date: 5/18/12 Admit Weight: 83 lbs Current Weight:116 lbs Released Date: Progress Notes: Skipper is an endangered Stellar sea lion who was picked up at Point St. George in Crescent City.  He was brought in with severe head trauma, and was bleeding from the mouth.  He was not expected to make it, however after several days of care he is gaining strength and is doin...
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