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PHS Harper — USCG Dorado Mooring

Our thanks to the Jessie and the crewmen of the USCG Dorado, moored in Crescent City, California for calling the center this morning to report a small, abandoned, barely moving little grey seal.  Under observation by the crewmembers during the morning hours, the pup had not moved and no mother Pacific Harbor Seal was seen nearby nor attempting to reach or care for it. After assessing the little...
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CSL Jason — Powerline Beach

Jason, a young adult California Sea Lion, was rescued from Powerline Beach, a mile and a half South of the Samoa Cookhouse, last Friday. Jason was reported to be beached and suffering from a severe bite consistent with a shark predation event. Transfer to the center was made last Friday evening. Jason is currently eating herring three times a day. Dr. Dennis Wood, DVM stated he has a good chance a...
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Huey — CSL Restrand

Huey, a one and a half year old CSL, was brought in from Humboldt county last week. He was underweight and had restranded. All NOAA Stranding Network pinnipeds who are released receive a small "rototag" in one flipper. Like an earlobe, this placement does not injure an animal, but allow animal "rehab" volunteers like us at the Northcoast Marine Mammal Center to recognize an animal who hasn't fully...
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Beaver to HWCC

During our annual volunteer training session Hospital Director Janet Dickey received a call from our sister animal-care organization in Humboldt county, Humboldt Wildlife Care Center. HWCC had received a call of a 'downed' beaver on Kellog Road North of Crescent City. Several volunteers scrambled out to talk with the reporting party, collect the bedraggled beaver, and arrange transport back to HWC...
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CSL’s — Hank & Chilly

      Two California Sea Lion pups were rescued earlier this weekend. One CSL pup, Chili, showed an orange tag indicating that he'd been previously rehabilitated and released. This is the second trip for him to a Stranding Network center, albeit hundreds of miles North of where he was initially released. This is a critical time for him for two reasons; 1) He was not succ...
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Elephant Seal “Weaners”

Over the last two weeks the Northcoast Marine Mammal Center has welcomed 15 Elephant Seal "weaners." Weaners are Elephant Seals who have been 'weaned' from their mothers' milk, still may not be familiar with how to catch fish or even know what fish are. Weaner Elephant Seals currently in residence in the Center's outdoors pens include: Violet (Point Saint George rescue) Walter Oscar Cody...
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Winston & Walter

Winston and Walter were found in crescent City, CA. Winston came to us on the first of April, and Walter came to us on the second. They are both about four months old. They came in weighing 82 pounds and 78 pounds. They did not properly learn how to eat fish once they were weaned from there mothers at about a month old. They should each weigh somewhere between 150-250 pounds. Once they have gained...
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Muddy — Harbor Pup

Muddy was was found on a beach just south of Eureka, table bluff I believe. Volunteers were up to their knees trying to get to the beach (hence the name). He was brought in because of maternal separation and prematurity. He still has his lanugo coat, meaning he was born premature. He weighed only 13.5# on intake, he should weigh in the low twenties by now. He had labored breathing and was lethargi...
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