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About Us

Measuring a sealThe NMMC of Crescent City, California is a private Non-Profit Organization fully licensed by the Federal Government (Southwest Division of National Marine Fisheries Service) dedicated to Rescue and Rehabilitation of stranded, sick or injured seals and sea lions.

The NMMC Rescues Marine Mammals found along the coast of Del Norte and Humboldt counties in Northern California (See Map) .

The Center was founded and incorporated in 1983 by a Veterinarian, Dennis Wood D.V.M.

PensRescue and Rehabilitation efforts were carried out at the Veterinary Hospital and Volunteer’s homes in temporary pens.

With the aid of an Offshore Oil Mitigation Grant, the NMMC Hospital/Rehabilitation Facility was constructed. The construction was a beautiful joint effort between the local Jr. College, the California Conservation Corp., local contractors and other Volunteers.

The Center, located in Crescent City’s Beachfront Park, is perfectly situated to promote public understanding of Marine Mammals and the importance of our Marine Environment.

RescueSince our inception, we have treated hundreds of sick, stranded and injured Marine Mammals for return to their ocean home. Occasionally non-releasable animals are placed in licensed Aquariums to live out their lives if unable to survive in the ocean.

We provide an Emergency Response Center for Marine Wildlife in the event of an oil spill or other incidents. Plus we assist Marine Researchers by the collection of data on Marine Mammals.

The NMMC is the northern most member of the Southwest National Marine Fisheries Service Stranding network. We rescue animals primarily from