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On an average year, the Northcoast Marine Mammal Center rescues between 30 and 60 stranded marine mammals per year. The NMMC has rescued 732 marine mammals since 1988, and has rescued over 100 animals per year during 2009 and 2010. The most common patients at the Center have been California sea lions, which have accounted for 39% of all rescues between 1988 ‚Äď 2009. Pacific harbor seals have been the second most commonly rescued marine mammal and account for 35% of rescues, followed by Northern elephant seals (23%). Other species that the Center has rescued include Northern fur seals, Steller sea lions, and Guadalupe fur seals. Steller sea lions and Guadalupe fur seals are both listed as ‚ÄúThreatened‚ÄĚ under the Endangered Species Act (ESA) and Northern fur seals are designated as ‚ÄúDepleted‚ÄĚ under the Marine Mammal Protection Act.

Current Rescues

Elephant Seal “Weaners”

Over the last two weeks the Northcoast Marine Mammal Center has welcomed 15 Elephant Seal “weaners.” Weaners are Elephant Seals who have been ‘weaned’ from their mothers’ milk, still may not be familiar with how to catch fish or even know what fish are.

Weaner Elephant Seals currently in residence in the Center’s outdoors pens include:

Violet (Point Saint George rescue)
Jelly Bean
Andy Irons

(This article will be updated asap when complete information is available!)

Violet and Taco

We brought in two more Elephant Seal weaners yesterday. Violet is the one from Point St. George and Taco is the one from right in front of Battery Point Lighthouse, close to the Northcoast Marine Mammal Center (NMMC).

Taco is a big boy at around 110 lbs.

Winston & Walter

Winston and Walter were found in crescent City, CA. Winston came to us on the first of April, and Walter came to us on the second. They are both about four months old. They came in weighing 82 pounds and 78 pounds. They did not properly learn how to eat fish once they were weaned from there mothers at about a month old. They should each weigh somewhere between 150-250 pounds. Once they have gained enough weight and have learned to eat on their own they will be released back into the ocean.


Winston & Walter

Muddy — Harbor Pup

Muddy was was found on a beach just south of Eureka, table bluff I believe. Volunteers were up to their knees trying to get to the beach (hence the name). He was brought in because of maternal separation and prematurity. He still has his lanugo coat, meaning he was born premature. He weighed only 13.5# on intake, he should weigh in the low twenties by now. He had labored breathing and was lethargic on intake. He is approximately 7 days old.

Mr Muddy -- 27 March 2014

Whiskers — Sea Lion

Whiskers is about 150# and was rescued also on March 9th from the Chart Room. He is likely to have Leptospirosis, so he will continue to stay in quarantine until further notice. Last blood draw was on 03.26.2014 and still showed signs of elevated kidney and liver enzymes. He is starting Doxycycline treatment and will have labs repeated in 2 weeks to determine whether he has kicked the lepto or not. *REMEMBER lepto is transmissible to you and your pets!* He will likely stay at least another month.

Whiskers -- Admission Photo

Rangerette — Sea Lion

Rangerette is a little 30 pounder who was rescued from Trinidad with multiple dog bite abscesses. She has been treated with laser therapy and had a drain placed to facilitate healing. She is currently on antibiotics. She is still underweight, yet eating well; we are going to continue feeding her about 20% of her BW to get a good blubber layer on her to protect her from the elements. Because she is still so small, she is in condo and pen depending on the severity of the weather. We would like to tong feed her meals, but leave a few fish in a small pool for her to forage herself if she chooses. 

Rangerette -- California Sea Lion Admission Photo

Rangerette — California Sea Lion Admission Photo



Coolio — Our Thanksgiving Seal!

Coolio- 140lb  at rescue and 450+ now!!! (WOW!!)  Coolio was rescued from Pebble beach in Crescent City on 11-20-13. He was severely underweight, unresponsive and wounds to both eyes. He is now eating well on his own, has developed quite a pleasing personality, and his eye wounds have resolved.

Coolio -- Elephant Seal

Coolio — Elephant Seal

Bell and Oso: Our Northern Fur Seals

Animal Names:¬†Bell and Oso (aka ‚ÄúClock‚ÄĚ)
Admit Date: Late Spring 2013
Admit Weight: Approximately 15 and 20 lbs
Current Weight: Bell 29.5 and Oso 39
Released Date: TBD
Progress Notes: 
Bell and Oso came to us through a series of Marine Mammal Center transfers. During the unprecedented herring die-off on the South and Central California coasts they were rescued. Bell has never developed her secondary layer of external fur. Consequently, reintroduction into the wild would result in her demise, but she has a larger future in store for her. The New England Aquarium (Find them at: ) will be adopting her in the near future. Oso is extremely vocal. His goat-like calls regularly alerting staff and visiting members of the public to the presence of a seagull, raven, or other event in he and Bells pen. They love to swim and groom themselves in their pools. The NMMC anticipates releasing Oso concurrently with Bells transfer to New England (thanks to FedEx and their expert handling capabilities!).

Bell and Oso photo

Gregorie aka “Gigi”

Animal Name:¬†Gregorie aka ‚ÄúGigi‚ÄĚ
Admit Date: 07/13/13
Admit Weight: 14 lbs
Current Weight: 23 lbs
Released Date: TBD
Progress Notes: 
Gigi  is a Pacific Harbor Seal Pup who was rescued from South Beach in Crescent City. Her location was far above the high tide line, near shrubbery, a day after heavy, chaotic surf and a storm! She had been with her Mom for about a week and a half and Mom had already taught her to eat fish. (Mother Harbor Seals have a strong bond with their pups and Gigi learned from hers.) She was found with small, clean abrasions around her upper tail and one small abrasion to her right temple. She was treated successfully with antibiotics and her wounds have since healed perfectly. Gigi is now eating whole fish: Her current record is a half pound of fish in 12 seconds flat

! Gregorie aka Gigi


Animal Name: Scoobie
Admit Date: 07/30/12
Admit Weight: 32 lbs
Current Weight:
Released Date:
Progress Notes: Scoobie is a Pacific harbor seal pup who was rescued from Pebble Beach in Crescent City, near the Oceanfront Lodge.  She was found with apparent infected wounds, and was underweight.  Since she has all of her teeth, we have been working to assist feed her small fish instead of tube-feeding formula, like we would with younger pups.



Previous Rescues

Coolio Moves to Pittsburgh Zoo

“Coolio” is OFFICIALLY being transferred to Pittsburgh Zoo!! The necessary paperwork was filed on 03.27.2014. We had a visitor, Paul Moyett, the Assistant Curator of Aquatic Animals for PPG Aquarium (Pittsburgh Zoo) the last week in March. Paul was sent to observe “Coolio”.

“Coolio’s” trainers have already been “skyped” in to see a few of his feeds this week, and are anxiously anticipating his arrival. He will spend the rest of his days in a 276,000 gallon pool! Coolio will be transported in a cage used for polar bears and shipped via FedEx. (FedEx transports most zoo animals across the¬†country.)

“Coolio” is the first Northern Elephant Seal in an aquarium/zoo in the US!¬†

The Crescent City Triplicate ran a great article about Coolio on 1 April, 2014. You can read it by clicking on the following link:

Coolio Triplicate Article — 1 Apr 14 — 1 of 2

Coolio Triplicate Article — 1 Apr 14 — 2 of 2


Animal Name: Scratchy
Admit Date: 6/17/12
Admit Weight: 98 lbs
Current Weight: 173 lbs
Released Date: July 29, 2012
Progress Notes: Scratchy is a weaned elephant seal who was rescued from Bunker Hill Road Beach in Samoa. He was brought in because he was underweight.  Scratchy was successfully rehabilitated and released on July 29, 2012 at Pebble Beach in Crescent City.








Animal Name: Suroth
Admit Date: 5/27/12
Admit Weight: 104 lbs
Current Weight: 160 lbs
Released Date: 07/01/12

Progress Notes: Suroth is a weaned elephant seal who was restranded from The Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito.  She was picked up at Hostel Beach just north of Klamath, underweight and lethargic. Suroth was released on July 1st, on Pebble Beach in Crescent City.





Animal Name: Wilson
Admit Date: 5/12/12
Admit Weight: 20.5 lbs
Current Weight: 74 lbs
Released Date: July 29, 2012
Progress Notes: Wilson is a Pacific harbor seal pup who was picked up on Wilson Creek Beach because he ‚Äúappeared‚ÄĚ to be abandoned. It is completely normal for pups to left on the beach while the mother goes out to forge for food. It is important NOT to pick up any marine mammal; it is highly illegal. Please call North Coast Marine Mammal Center first!!

Wilson was released with Bongela and Georgia on July 29 on Pebble beach in Crescent City.




Animal Name: Bongela
Admit Date: 5/8/12
Admit Weight: 18 lbs
Current Weight: 51 lbs
Released Date: July 29, 2012
Progress Notes: Bongela is a Pacific harbor seal pup who was picked up on Indian beach in Trinidad because he had severe lacerations and punctures to his face, and his breathing was labored.¬† Bongela had been attacked by a dog, and is a good example of why dogs should be leashed on beaches where seal pups are found.¬† Bongela’s face healed well, and he was released on July 29th with Wilson and Georgia.




Animal Name: Sully
Admit Date: 4/16/12
Admit Weight:12.9 lbs
Current Weight: N/A
Released Date:
Progress Notes:  Sully is a Pacific harbor seal pup who was originally seen on a private beach in Manila.  He was taken to the Center after some well-meaning citizens had taken him home for a couple of days and tried to feed him using goats milk, which is not the ideal food for harbor seal pups. He also seems too habituated to humans.

Unfortunately, Sully had an umbilical infection and he passed away after several days of treatment.



Animal Name: Gunther
Admit Date: 4/14/12
Admit Weight:23.5 lbs
Current Weight: N/A
Released Date: 07/01/12
Progress Notes: Gunther is a Pacific harbor seal pup who was found on the mud flats of Arcata marsh, and was rescued because he appeared to be stranded in the mud and had some eye discharge.

Gunther was successfully rehabilitated, and was released on July 1st with Shaggy and Ranger.




Animal Name: Georgia
Admit Date: 4/14/12
Admit Weight:13 lbs
Current Weight: 51 lbs
Released Date: July 29, 2012
Progress Notes:
Georgia is a Pacific harbor seal pup who was observed for more than 12 hours at Samoa beach, and was brought in to the Center because she was barely responsive and had pale gums.  She was successfully rehabilitated, and was released on July 29th along with Wilson and Bongela.





Animal Name: Rascal
Admit Date: 4/10/12
Admit Weight:26 lbs
Current Weight: N/A
Released Date:
Progress Notes:
Rascal is an endangered Guadalupe fur seal, who re-stranded from The Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito.  He was rescued at Powerline Beach in Arcata because he was skinny, lethargic, and following people and dogs.

Update: Rascal was transferred back to The Marine Mammal Center on April 14, where he will undergo further rehabilitation before he will be released. He will be paired up with another Guadalupe fur seal at The Marine Mammal Center, and the two will be released at the same time.






Animal Name: Nautica
Admit Date: 4/7/12
Admit Weight:14 lbs
Current Weight: N/A
Released Date:

Progress Notes:
Our first female Pacific harbor seal pup of the season, Nautica was rescued from Table Bluff beach in Humboldt County.  Volunteers kept watch on her for three days, before bringing her in due to deteriorating health and slight dehydration.

Update:  Unfortunately Nautica passed away on April 16th, as a result of infection from bite wounds she sustained prior to rescue.

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