Aimee Bolander

Aimee Bolender, a local Crescent City photographer, makes a point of attending the release of Northcoast Marine Mammal Center’s patients.  She has captured endearing photos of seals and sea lions as local volunteers cheer them on to a healthy and happy future in the ocean.


She sells her photos in our gift shop, giving a percentage of her sales to the operation and care of our seriously injured animals. 


“It is rewarding to watch healthy, rehabilitated mammals released by the dedicated  Mammal Rescue Center volunteers.  There hasn’t been a time yet that my eyes did not get misty as I photographed these historic moments in the lives of the seals, sea lions and the volunteers,” said Aimee Bolender.


In addition to the Northcoast Marine Mammal Center’s gift store, Aimee’s photos are on the web at:

Sticky and Raven Playing -- All Right's Reserved
Sticky and Raven Playing — All Right’s Reserved
Sticky's Soul Stare -- All Right's Reserved
Sticky’s Soul Stare — All Right’s Reserved
Elephant Seal Pup Weaver -- All Right's Reserved
Elephant Seal Pup Weaver — All Right’s Reserved
Sticky Swimming -- All Right's Reserved
Sticky Swimming — All Right’s Reserved
Raven Says Goodbye-- All Rights Reserved
Raven Says Goodbye– All Rights Reserved